automotive repair business
"Every new business today needs an edge, something you do differently or better than someone else. Your business needs to be faster, cheaper, provide better quality, solve a problem. The service or product you offer needs an edge."

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Paint Bull Mobile Affiliates take the hassle and stress out of the process of getting a vehicle repaired.

Paint Bull understands most people would rather visit their dentist than their local Body Shop. Body Shops by nature are not the most inviting of businesses. Just the process of getting an estimate is intimidating and time consuming. They use industry jargon most people can’t understand, their prices are ridiculous and unless you care to visit a number of different Body Shops, you have no idea if you’re getting a good deal or not.

Unfortunately, the process doesn’t get any easier from there. Once you decide on a shop to fix your vehicle, now you have to make arrangements to drop it off, be without it for a number of days (which will be longer than they originally promised) and then eventually pick it up after you write them a hefty check. You really have to ask yourself, “Why do people put up with it?”  The answer is simple-They have no other option… Until Paint Bull!